New Prony Brake Concept

Something new on Aaron’s drawing board!!!


Well, guess who’s back at the drawing board……….


Aaron has advised us he has been in his bag of dynamometer projects and mechanical thoughts. He has a design for a new prony concept which can be used for pto dynamometer applications. He mentioned he has been working on this for some time and has finished primary studies required for such a device. Included in these studies were manufacturing simplicity of components, torque, speed and horsepower capacities. Also included were cooling requirements, economical parts and cost reductions.

Aaron says these are a few of the more important details required for the production of a reliable economical dynamometer for the medium to small sized agricultural tractor market. Economic pricing for a piece of test equipment is what the smaller dealerships have been requesting for years…it must be affordable and provide an economical payback.

This new design will not use typical hydraulic pistons as used in prior art. As in older brake drum designs, including our newly patented prony brake, both require hydraulic force created by pistons to increase frictional contact with friction material and the internal section of a brake drum(s) or rotor tube. This new prony brake design works using a pair of hydraulic ram rings and is in the early stage….more to follow at a later date.

Stay Tuned!!!