Dyno Tech Software Conversion

This AW dynamometer has been converted to Dyno Tech’s Power Pro 1000 system for one of our customers. Now they have the capability of printing, emailing, saving and much more with every test they perform. Very user friendly system, with excellent customer support. Give us a call today to help bring your dyno into the […]

Objects of Patent

A further object of the present invention is to reduce the mechanical stress on, the potential wear, and breakage to critical components such as splined and hydraulic connections in high horsepower, high torque Prony brakes.   A still further object of the present invention is to reduce the extent of heat retained by various components […]

Refurbished Model 375

Dyno Tech has been very busy refurbishing many Model 375’s for the Kubota dealerships. This one is heading to Georgia. We have been very busy working on new and refurbished units for the Kubota dealers, we have enjoyed meeting all the new faces in the Kubota world of tractors. If there are any questions we […]

Added Features to Dyno Tech Dynamometers

    Dyno Tech Services has been working hard adding additional features to our DT Series Dynamometers. Our latest addition allows the operator the flexibility of operating without continuous water flow! Remember, we do not have a minimum water requirement to operate our dynamometers.  Give us a call or drop us an email for more […]

Rotor Tube Comparison

Now the real comparison – The left “brake drum” is a 1957 design which is still included in production as of today. The “Rotor Tube” on the right is the 21st Century Patent Pending design in the Power Torque Series dynamometers produced by Dyno Tech Services. Again, which would you rather be testing 800 horsepower […]

Rotor Plate Comparison

Showing the comparison to the current model Ag PTO dynamometers. The drum lid on the left is the 1957 design which is still being used today in the Ag PTO dynamometer market. Dyno Tech uses the larger rotor cover on the right in our 21st Century Patent Pending dynamometer. Which would you rather use while […]

Glorious Day

Dyno Tech Services enjoyed a glorious day satisfying another great customer! Our dynamometer team has over 150 years of experience in the ag pto dynamometer market. NO OTHER COMPANY CAN MATCH OUR EXPERIENCE!!! GUARANTEED!!!

Dyno Tech DT843 PTO Dynamometer

The Dyno Tech DT843 is a patent pending dynamometer designed with the capability of absorbing 800+ horsepower @ 1000rpm, along with a torque capacity of 4300+ ft/lbs the DT843 is setting new capacity standards in the agricultural PTO dynamometer market. This starts by providing implement dealerships in the agricultural PTO market with the highest rated […]

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