Customized by Dyno Tech

Take a look at these transformational pictures of a recent customer requested rebuild, including custom paint. BEFORE…. AFTER….

Way to go Austin!

What an amazing accomplishment for Austin Thompson, Structural Engineer at Hagie Manufacturing, very, very impressive!! Your name should be in lights. Dyno Tech is very proud to know you.

Expanding going on at Dyno Tech

We are expanding – we need more room for our employees! We have grown so much over the past year we need more room to accommodate the orders we are getting. A BIG thank you to all of our customers – we couldn’t do it without you We have outgrown our current facility so an […]

Fabulously Fun Day

What an amazing trip we had heading over to the Cleveland, Ohio area delivering a DT526 to it’s new home.

A Great Install

It’s always a great day when we install a DT843 to replace an AW Neb800! This trade in will NOT be rebuilt or resold.

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