“DEPTH” – Dynamometers-Energy-Power-Torque-Horsepower

Dyno Tech is pleased to announce, Aaron Warsaw, the designer of our patented new series of dynamometers,  is close to completing a new 80 page educational tutorial. This educational tutorial is called “DEPTH”, the acronym for Dynamometers, Energy, Power, Torque, and Horsepower.

Aaron’s goal in writing this educational tutorial is to extend his 50+ years of experience in dynamometers and power. He reasons that only a very small portion of the general public actually understands just what makes power, and hopes to provide clarity to the mystery.

Dyno Tech is blessed to have Aaron on our team. We are enthusiastic about releasing his soon to be finished, copyrighted, tutorial of “DEPTH”. At this point, this tutorial will be an exclusive to the purchase of a new dynamometer from Dyno Tech.

PS…Stay tuned, Aaron is close to finishing two other exclusive articles related to the history of agricultural PTO dynamometers and mechanical prony brakes…past and present.