Power Pro 1000 System

Introducing the Power Pro 1000 System

Power Pro 1000 System display - Dynotech pto dynamometer software
Power Pro 1000 System - pto dyno software operating at the rear of the dynamometer
This system is a simple, modern solution providing reliable data acquisition of a tractor power performance.
Power Pro 1000 is user friendly and is supported by Windows based operating system.
Can be adapted to your current unit.

The tractor power functions are presented in the lower left corner of the display:

  • PTO horsepower
  • PTO speed
  • ft/lbs of torque
  • a direct percentage in the measurement of torque rise

Also supported by the Power Pro 1000 display are the vitals of the dynamometers operating functions, such as:

  • water temperature
  • hours of operation
  • internal vapor pressure
  • working hydraulic pressure, which is a first with this popular design of power absorption units.

This system allows the operator to record the customer name, tractor brand, and tractor model. Once the brand and model have been selected the Power Pro 1000 will retrieve the Nebraska Tractor test specifications for engine and pto high idle rpm and rated rpm from the data file.

Included with the Power Pro 1000 software are free upgrades on Nebraska Test Data specifications as they are available.