August 3, 2020

Why Multi-Sectioned Prony Brake Dynamometers Fail

This tutorial is based on Aaron Warsaw’s 50+ years of experience in the study of prony brake dynamometers. 

In this tutorial you will find why Dyno Tech decided to improve the option for customers like you. We not only improved the software and hardware we improved the mechanical design also. For 60 years the same design has been offered with minor improvements. Dyno Tech has brought your dynamometer option into the 21st century, allowing you, the customer, the opportunity to have a dyno that will have a longer in-service life span.

Click the link below to read Aaron’s article, it is worth the time.


Why Multi-Sectioned Prony Brake Dynamometers Fail

About Dyno Tech
Dyno Tech Services LLC is a manufacturer of 21st century patented Agriculture PTO dynamometers. Our team has over 150 years experience in the ag dynamometer market. Dyno Tech is blessed to have the best team in the world!