Congratulations, Aaron!

Aaron recently advised us he has received a new patent, his second in the last three years! His newest patent is on the axial force prony brake dynamometer. This addition makes two completely new prony brake dynamometer designs for the 21st Century.


He states,  he has reached his major design goals with this newly patented dynamometer concept, which will produce economical power testing capabilities to a universe of applications, including, but not limited to, the smaller more mid-sized agricultural tractor market, which is his intended target.  Through the years, prony brake dynamometers have provided many industries the capability of performing dynamic load testing involving low rpm, high torque applications.


Unique to this new concept is the method by which axial force produces frictional engagement used in producing resistance to a prime mover’s rotation. Along with the new design is an innovative method by which reactive forces are transferred and used for torque measurement, while eliminating the inherited characteristics of reactive piston slap observed in radial force brakes. These two unique features are firsts in prony brake dynamometer design.


Prony brake type dynamometers have been around for many decades.   Through the years, prony brake dynamometers have been created using many different types of brake designs, each being dedicated to a specific niche. These designs have used a multitude of configurations, shapes, sizes, and capacities. During the designing phase for a new brake, thinking outside the box is required.  A completely new design cannot be a copy, or a few minor changes to prior designs to be granted a new patent.


Aaron has made a great accomplishment in adding this 2nd patent to his portfolio. He is obviously one of the more talented dynamometer designers around, we are proud to have Aaron on our team.