Dynamometer Parts

Dyno Tech Services is excited to offer for your AW dynamometer, OEM equivalent parts. Dynamometer parts are available for your AW dyno whether it is a NEB400, NEB600, or NEB800. We will get you the right parts to get your dyno up and running again.

Call or email us and compare prices…..we guarantee our parts to be of equal value or better than the original. We take pride in what we have available to customers, we would never risk a failure to any customer.

Dyno Tech provides OEM equivalent (or better) parts at a lower price.

To order dynamometer parts or get pricing call 712-362-2944

or email sales@dynotechdyno.com


Brake Service Lube

Dyno Tech Lube 100 - Maintenance lube for all Nebraska model dynamometers, same lube as the 20405 and RML-405

Hydraulic Pump & Fittings

Fits all models of dynamometers.

PTO Drivelines

Small 1000 shaft - Large 1000 shaft - 540 shaft

Magnetic tach pickup

Complete setup – manufactured for all styles of dynamometers.

5000# Load Cell

All styles of dynamometers.

12V & 24V Power Supplies

Works with the style of monitor you have.

Collars, Bearings, Pistons, and Brake Springs

Equivalent to OEM manufacturers products.

Brake Liners
Gaskets – Lid, Flange, Fuse
Water Seal kit

Equivalent to all OEM manufacturer products.

Bearings, Connectors, and Sleeves

Used on all models of dynamometers.

375DT & 400DT rebuild kits
600DT rebuild kit
800DT rebuild kit
102132 – Front Shaft Half with Guard – 540
102134 – Front Shaft Half with Guard 1-3/8-21 Spline – Small 1000
102136 – Front Shaft Half with Guard 1-3/4-20 Spline – Large 1000
Oil Seal Kit
Stainless Steel service plugs