Power Absorption Units (PAUs)

Dyno Tech Services has expanded the testing range of their patented power absorption unit (PAU)

Unusual low rpm, high torque applications fall into the natural capabilities for this style of water cooled prony brake.

To provide the widest range of capabilities, three (3) versions of this brake are available. Applications which require testing of static and/or dynamic toque loads of up to 10,000 lb/ft are now at hand, this starting at zero (0) rpm.

DTAD x 533×318

Applications with braking force requirements up to 10,000 lb/ft at 0-75 rpm.

DTAS x 533×318

Applications with braking force requirements up to 6500 lb/ft at 150 rpm, decreasing to 4000 lb/ft at 350 rpm.

DTAF x 533×318

Applications requiring braking forces up to 4000 lb/ft at 500-1500 rpm.

By use of a balanced coefficient of friction to your speed and torque requirements, these brakes are matched or can be engineered to meet your testing needs. This DTA series of brakes has a speed range of 0-1500 rpm.

PAUs are fully cradled and are provided with a static or reactionary torque arm required for torque measurement.

During dynamic testing heat is created through the conversion of the prime movers mechanical energy into kinetic friction energy. Cooling is required to dissipate this heat and is carried away using water.

Required cooling water flow or consumption is proportional to the dynamic thermal load being produced by the prime mover.

Should your application require a brake or a power absorption unit to handle your low rpm, high torque testing, you will find this series of DTA brakes very exciting. Your application may only require applying a static load or dynamic toque loading, or to be used as a dynamometer for product testing.

Additional technical information, design features and performance data, or if you have questions about incorporating your testing requirements or have needs for a special application using a DTA brake, feel free to contact Dyno Tech Services: