November 8, 2019

Fact or Fiction?

Aaron’s Power Corner


Fact or Fiction???

A large diameter single rotor tube prony brake creates more heat during dynamic operation than smaller multiple sectioned prony brakes.



All prony brakes being used as a dynamometer absorb the same amount of heat when being operated at the same power level.

A single chambered rotor tube prony brake absorbs both heat and load equally, along with a single and controllable coefficient of friction.

One major issue with multiple section prony brakes is the imbalance in the coefficient of friction, none of the sections will absorb power equally or convert heat evenly during dynamic operation as experience has demonstrated.

As with all dynamometers the absorption rate is 42.6 BTU’s per horsepower, no matter what the prime mover is or what is being tested.


Just to follow through, at Dyno Tech we use the mechanical equivalent of heat, rotor surface feet per minute, area of kinetic friction, along with the coefficient of friction, plus many other factors when designing our prony brake dynamometers, including my 50+ years of prony brake experience. 

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Dyno Tech Services LLC is a manufacturer of 21st century patented Agriculture PTO dynamometers. Our team has over 150 years experience in the ag dynamometer market. Dyno Tech is blessed to have the best team in the world!