DT1055 Dynamometer

It’s Ready – Are You?

Dyno Tech is pleased to announce the addition of the DT1055


Our ongoing progress and development of the DT1055 dynamometer is proceeding with speed and enthusiasm. This unit uses the same patent pending prony brake design & concept as the other proven Dyno Tech dynamometers.

The DT1055 PTO Dynamometer has capabilities of testing pto tractors up to 1000 horsepower @1000 rpm, combined with the unit’s massive torque capacity of 5500 ft./lbs., this unit will take care of your testing requirements now and into the future.

The Dyno Tech Brake was designed with higher internal cooling efficiency through direct cooling at the kinetic point of friction. With the units built in 300+ gallon supplemental cooling reservoir, test session times are maximized. The unit’s mass provides stability during high torque and torque rise testing.


This is the first PTO Ag dynamometer to be produced with this amount of power. We are very excited to offer such a powerful option for the agriculture market.