Does the brake drum assembly in your dynamometer require mechanical attention?


Dyno Tech can rebuild your dynamometer brake drum assembly.



We are receiving many calls from dynamometer owners requesting brake drum attention, be it mechanical, servicing, or general inspection.

We provide a complete rebuilding service for the listed dynamometers. All units are disassembled and inspected at our facility. After disassembly you will receive an analysis as to the reason for the failure, along with a detailed rebuild quotation. We do not charge for tear down and estimates.

Units which are rebuilt by our qualified staff here at Dyno Tech carry a 2 year warranty.


Models we are capable of rebuilding:


3000, 3000HC, 3000XHC, Model Super, Model 350, Cradled 375, 4-500


4000D, 4000DA, 8000D3


Model 200, Neb2-300, Neb4-600, Neb6-900, Neb230, Neb460, Neb690


Model 375, Neb200, Neb400, Neb600, Neb800


I300, I300E, I600, I600E, I900, I900E


All units must be out of prior original factory warranty, unless warranty has been voided.

In addition to our high quality rebuilding service, we can provide you with a continued brake maintenance program.

We pride ourselves in providing great service to keep your dynamometer investment operating correctly.


Have a hole in your tank?


Top or bottom tank- we can plate either for a fraction of the cost of a new tank!


For more information call (888) 362-2944 or email