DT526 Dynamometer

Dyno Tech has been busy installing DT526 units.

General View

Designed from the ground up to test the modern tractors of today.

The smaller DT526 dynamometer was designed for the lower horsepower applications of up to 500 horsepower @ 1000 rpm with a torque capacity up to 2600 ft/lbs. This smaller dynamometer is complete with all the design features as it’s big brother.

This patented 21st century prony brake design brings you, the customer……..NEW performance!!!

When you combine the features, the DT526 dynamometer is setting new standards in the PTO dynamometer market.

Exclusive Features

  • Single rotor absorption unit dramatically reduces the number of mechanical components which allows smooth dynamic operation.
  • Improved dynamic water sealing reducing long term performance issues.
  • Non-invasive service of drum, maintenance is performed externally.
  • Extended maintenance intervals due to advances in brake design and lubrication technology.
  • Large supplemental cooling reservoir with direct cooling at the point of friction provides maximum test sessions.
  • Extended dynamometer shaft provides compensation for through wall operation, as well as additional operator safety during pto hookup.
  • Ease of control and operation from the rear of the dynamometer increasing operator comfort and safety.
  • Unsurpassed product warranty, provided at your request prior to purchase.
  • Automatic water temperature shut down and reset.
  • Onboard absorption unit diagnostics using the Power Pro 1000.


Horsepower Capacity 250hp @ 540rpm 500hp @ 1000rpm
Torque Capacity 2600 ft/lbs.
Water Reservoir Capacity 200 gallons
Minimum RPM Range 0-1500 PTO only
Height 3’10”
Length 5′
Width 4′
Shipping Weight 2,500 lbs. (approx.)
Operational Weight 4,100 lbs. (approx.)
Water Drain Connection 1-1/2″ discharge

Power Pro 1000 System

Power Pro 1000 System is a simple, modern solution providing reliable data acquisition of a tractor power performance. Power Pro 1000 is user friendly and is supported by Windows based operating system.

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