March 19, 2019


Is Dyno Tech Services CERTIFIED to work on your AW dynamometer?

Below is the official meaning of certified.


adjective officially recognized as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.
“a certified accountant”

Dyno Tech Services was established in 1980

No, we are not certified…are we qualified…ABSOLUTELY!!!

Our team members have over 100 years combined in AW dynamometer sales, service, repair, and operating. Our standards go above and beyond what is expected from any certification program. We stand behind our products and services with confidence. Each member of our team takes responsibility for what our company produces and sells, and we take responsibility for every single concern our customer has – no matter how big or small.

About Dyno Tech
Dyno Tech Services LLC is a manufacturer of 21st century patented Agriculture PTO dynamometers. Our team has over 150 years experience in the ag dynamometer market. Dyno Tech is blessed to have the best team in the world!