It’s a New Year with New happenings.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well, here we are, the new year. 2019, wow, it’s going to be a great year for Dyno Tech and our customers. We have some exciting things happening this year!

First, we want to thank everyone for the support in 2018, we gained many, many new terrific customers. Thank you so much for the opportunity to introduce you to our line of 21st century patented dynamometers. We greatly appreciate each and everyone of you and look forward to doing business with you in 2019.

Second, we are working hard at getting our new prony brake prototype finished up and tested. This should be happening in the next couple months. It’ll be ready for market after the testing is finished and approved. There is nothing out in the market quite like this one, you will be impressed. Watch for the reveal of this lower horsepower dynamometer. Our customers will be the first to know our secrets.

Third, our wireless operating system is coming around quite nicely, this will be the year we introduce the wireless option. We have put together quite a package, thanks to some really good people. We want to thank the people we have relied heavily upon to give us valuable information to have a one of a kind wireless option for all customers.

Keep checking back with us, we’ll keep you posted! For now stay warm, keep your spirits up, enjoy life, it goes by quickly. Mike P told us yesterday….”there are only 6 more Mondays until Spring”! Woohoo!!!


The Dyno Tech Team

We know our dynamometers!!!!